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Report of Arrested Citizens during February 14th and February 20th Protests

Two Protesters on February 20th Arrested | Amirkabir University Faculty Member Abdollah Sadri Among February 14th Detainees | Azad University Student Farnaz Kamali Arrested on February 20th Protests | At least 50 Arrested in Shiraz during February 14th Protests | Tehran University Students Habib Farahzadi and Sohrab Jafari Arrested | Five Khajeh Nasir University Students Arrested | Four Students at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Detained | Alborz Almasi and Ayandeh Almasi Arrested | Mohammad Ali Malekian Detained and Seyed Ali Hossein-Doust Taleshani Sentenced | Singer and Composer Afshin Taheri Arrested | Director and Filmmaker Mehdi Sharifian Arrested During February 14th Protests | Student Activists Ali Yazdanpanah and Sara Bagheri Arrested | 16 People Arrested During Funeral Services for Saneh Jaleh at University of Art in Tehran | Continued Detention of 15 Students from Sharif University from February 14th Protests


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Concerns Mount as Opposition Leader and Wife’s House Arrest Continues, All Communication Shut Down

February 18th, 2011 – According to reports by Kalemeh, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Dr. Zahra Rahnavard’s house arrest that began during the February 14th, 2011 rallies [in support of the people of Egypt and Tunisia], have went into full force two days later. The limited communication with Mousavi and Rahnavard was cut off as of February 16th and there is currently absolutely no news regarding their well being. It is also worth mentioning that their bodyguards have now been dismissed and replaced with government security forces.

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Report: The Iranian regime’s hijacking of Sane Jale’s death

Kianoosh Sanjari reports for Voice of America regarding the hijack of two Green Movement’s martyrs by the Iranian regime.

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16 People Arrested During Funeral Services for Saneh Jaleh at University of Art in Tehran

February 16th, 2011 – According to Daneshjoo News, security forces attacked the University of Art during the funeral ceremony of martyr Saneh Jaleh today and proceeded to arrest a large number of students.

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Director and Filmmaker Mehdi Sharifian Arrested During February 14 Protests

Report in English and Persian by RAHANA | Edited by Persian2English

During February 14th demonstrations, Mehdi Sharifian, a film documentary maker has been arrested. He was arrested while participating in the February 14th demonstration and was transferred to an unknown location.

It is worth noting, despite all of his families attempts, no information of his whereabouts has been obtained as of yet. Mehdi Sharifian, director and documentary maker was Behruz Afkhami’s first director’s assistant in “Operation 125″ and a short television series named “11 minutes & 30 seconds” and he also appeared in many of Afkhami’s movies. “Familiar city’s sleep-walker” which has been playing every night from channel 4 and is a documentary directed by him. Among his other works, the documentary “Experience” is also of significance.

مهدی شریفیان مستند ساز و کارگردان بازداشت شد

مهدی شریفیان، مستندساز در تظاهرات ۲۵ بهمن بازداشت شد.
وی در حالی که در راهپیمایی ۲۵ بهمن ماه شرکت کرده بود بازداشت و به مکان نا معلومی منتقل شده است.

به گزارش ندای سبز آزادی،گفتنی است علی رقم پیگیری های خانواده وی تا کنون هیچ خبری از مهدی شریفیان به دست نیامده است.مهدی شریفیان، مستند ساز و کارگردان، در سریال عملیات ۱۲۵ و تله فیلم یازده دقیقه و سی‌ثانیه به کارگردانی بهروز افخمی، دستیار اول و برنامه‌ریز بوده و در بعضی از فیلم‌های اخیر افخمی نیز به عنوان بازیگر حضور داشته است. مستند “خوابگرد و شهر آشنا” که هر شب از شبکه‌ی چهارم صدا و سیما پخش می‌شد به کارگردانی او بوده است. از دیگر کارهای او می‌توان به دستیاری مستندهای “یک تجربه” اشاره کرد.

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Violence and Brutality by Government Forces at Saneh Jaleh’s Funeral

The funeral of Saneh Jaleh, the Kurdish student who was killed from a gunshot wound by government agents during February 14 protests, ended up in violence at the hands of regime agents.

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Brother of Killed Protester Arrested After Interview with VOA News

In an interview with Voice of America, Ghaneh Jaleh had denied the claims of the state-run media and had stated that his brother was not a member of the Basij. He was arrested after the interview and has been put under pressure in order to deny his statements. He had stated that his family is also currently under pressure.

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