Sporadic demonstrations under tight security measures

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Radio France Internationale (RFI)- While receiving accurate news from Iranian cities has become very difficult, various reports indicate sporadic rallies have been held in Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mahabad, and several other cities. The heavy presence of anti-riot forces has been reported from downtown Tehran. It is reported that some clashes occurred until 4:00pm Tehran time.
RFI has reminded its readers that foreign media representatives are not allowed to be present at demonstrations.

Around 4:00pm Tehran time, eyewitnesses in Vali-Asr Square and Keshavar Blvd reported crowds have gathered and tear gas was fired.

The Saham News website, which has ties to Mehdi Karroubi, reported on the growing number of protesters in Isfahan. It wrote, “Many of the protesters have gathered in groups of a few dozens and sporadically chanted slogans”. Saham News also reported that “around Vanak Square and Mellat Park in Tehran, a large crowd of protesters have gathered. Plainclothes forces on motorcycles are maneuvering around Vanak Square and chanting slogans like “Hezbollah Mashallah”.

Reports of sporadic protests in the cities of Mahabad and Shiraz

Based on various reports, it seems Vali-Asr square is the busiest location in Tehran. Some of the opposition websites claim “anti-riot forces have pulled back to side streets from Vali-Asr Square”, and that the square “has fallen into the hands of the people”.

It must be emphasized that none of these reports are 100% reliable and they cannot be verified with certainty.


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