Report: The Iranian regime’s hijacking of Sane Jale’s death

February 19, 2011 at 3:28 am 1 comment

Photo made by Green Movement Friends and Activists

Video Report by Kianoosh Sanjari for VOA News
Translated by Siavosh Jalili | Edited by Persian2English

Kianoosh Sanjari reports for Voice of America regarding the hijacking of two Green Movement martyrs by the Iranian regime:

Kianoosh Sanjari: Supporters of the Iranian regime carry the body of Mohammad Mokhtari [in the casket] with their hands. Mohammad Mokhtari, like Saneh Jaleh, was killed during the February 14th street protests. Opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi accuse the regime of hijacking the bodies of the killed two young men.  The body of Saneh Jaleh was carried by regime supporters and  Basiji students from the [Fine] Arts University [where Jaleh attended]. Jaleh’s picture was positioned next to that of the leader of the Islamic Republic [Khamenei]. Jaleh’s school mates and friends were imprisoned inside the university so that the state sponsored funeral  would be carried out peacefully. Sajjad Rezaie, the secretary of the Islamic Student Union of the [Fine] Arts University of Tehran told VOA:

Voice of Sajjad Rezaie: Since the early morning, a group of plainclothes agents from an undisclosed location have been brought to the university. They flocked and garrisoned the entire campus. Earlier, the plainclothes officers had beaten most of us up. They imprisoned a group of students in Farabi hall after beating them up. They didn’t allow any students to enter the university. They wouldn’t even let our own students into the university.

Kianoosh Sanjari: Another [Fine] Arts University student, who was a friend of Saneh Jaleh’s, told VOA that the government agents and Basiji students attacked and beat up students with batons.

Voice of Saneh Jaleh’s colleague and friend: They beat students with the flag bars. They were all carrying tasers. They fired tear gas on the campus.

Kianoosh Sanjari: One of Sane Jaleh’s brothers was arrested after giving an interview to VOA. In this interview, he had denied the claims of the state-run media that Saneh Jaleh was a  Basij member and said that Saneh was a supporter of the Green Movement.

Voice of Saneh Jaleh’s colleague and friend: Saneh was a friend of mine, and he is not what they [state-run media] claim him to be. He was against the regime. You have certainly seen his picture next to [dissident] Ayatollah Montazeri. He always wanted the dictatorship system of the Islamic Republic removed.

Kianoosh Sanjari: On the other side, it seems that Hossein Shariatmadari, the Editor-in-Chief of the hardline newspaper Kayhan, had been assigned the responsbility of keeping up the claim that Saneh Jaleh was a Basij member. Shariatmadri even called Saneh a secret reporter for Kayhan.

Voice of Shariatmadari: As for Saneh Jaleh, he contacted us on many occasions and provided us with very good news and information.

Kianoosh Sanjari: The student organization Tahkim-e Vahdat issued a statement on the occasion of the death of Saneh Jaleh and Mohammad Mokhtari, and announced a week of mourning in all the universities across Iran.


Video Report in Persian:


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