Pro-democracy demonstrators in Tehran, Arak, and Mashhad

February 14, 2011 at 3:06 pm 2 comments

Streets leading to Enghelab square (# 9 map below) filled with demonstrators

The following is report number 14 in the Kanoon about today’s protest in Iran. Its content has been submitted by journalists and the readers.

Tehran- In Jomhouri Street, people set a newsstand on fire. Due to the crackdown and attacks by the security forces, people took refuge in the side streets and alleys, and took advantage of any opportunity to come out and chant slogans.

Clashes erupted between the people and the security forces on Azadi street, and streets leading to Enghelab square are filled with angry demonstrators. People chant:

“Death to Khamenei”

“Death to Dictator”

“Khamenei should know this time he will be toppled”

“Mubarak, Bin-Ali, now it’s the turn of Seyyed Ali [Khamenei]”

Mashhad- Today, all the shops were ordered to shut down. The security forces severely beat up a young man at Rahnamyi three-way, while not letting people approach and dispersing the crowd. Rahnamyi street was shut down. At 19h00 local time, there are still people on the street, and it is quite busy. People have planned to protest by driving up and down Rahnamyi and Ahmadabad street to honk their cars’ horns.

Arak- In the city of Arak (central Iran), a group of 500 gathered between the Malek-Abbass Abad three way and Shohada Square. The slogans chanted by the protesters were “Allaho Akbar (God is Great)” and “Death to Dictator”. At 19h00, tear gas was used and the crowd dispersed.


تمامي خيابان هاي منتهي به ميدان انقلاب مملو از جمعيت خشمگين است

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