Kaleme Report on Protests

February 14, 2011 at 12:49 pm 1 comment

5:30pm- A crowd moved from Enghelab Square to Azadi Square. Clashes occurred. Around 500-600 police forces were stationed at the Ministry of Labour and Transportation parking lot, at the Rudaki intersection. The forces clashed with the crowd who had come from Tohid Street to Azadi Street.

Plainclothes forces and people holding batons beat citizens and forced them onto Setarekhan Street and Azerbaijan Street. Passed the Ministry of Labour, heavy clashes occurred between plainclothes forces and citizens. Protesters chanted “Death to the dictator” and “Honourable people, support, support”.

Tear gas was dispersed in the air at Azadi Square. Residents threw newspapers to the protesters from their window buildings to suppress the effects of tear gas.

BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) buses have blocked the side streets so that the protesters get cornered by the police force. Many people inside the BRT buses were chanting. The police force took some of the women out of the bus and beat them.

5:45pm – At Vali-Asr Street and Rasht Street, by the Art Academy, plainclothes forces clashed with citizens. People with bloodied faces continued to chant “Death to the dictator”.

6:00pm – Most of the clashes occurred at Azadi Square and the surrounding streets. The people in this area chanted, “Death to the dictator, whether in Cairo or Tehran”, “Allah O Akbar”, and “Ya Hossein Mir Hossein”.

6:30pm – According to Kaleme, the protests at Enghelab Street reached the millions. Now, scattered protesters are still present and chanting.

According to unconfrmed reports, arrests in the hundreds was reported in Tehran. Also, some regime supporters chanted at Enghelab Street.

A main chant from today’s protest was, “Dictator, shame. Let’s free the nation”.

ساعت ۱۷ و سی دقیقه حوالی خیابان توحید – آزادی | Kaleme


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