Eyewitness reports on clashes in Tehran

February 14, 2011 at 9:54 am 2 comments

5:00pm (Tehran Time)- Some of the reports from Tehran indicate that tear gas has been used to disperse the crowd. An eyewitness told Radio Zamaneh that moments ago a sound resembling firing of plastic bullets was heard.

4:36pm – An eyewitness told Radio Zamaneh moments ago that “[Security forces] are beating people severely. The number of the protesters is on the rise. In Vali Asr Street, Vali Asr intersection (#4 in the MAP below), and Vali Asr Square, and Rasht street (#13), clashes have been erupted after security forces attacked and beat up the protesters”, he added, “the agents on motorbikes attack people on the sidewalks. Chants of death to dictator are heard”.

This eyewitness also reports that some of the protesters have been wounded. Moreover, the number of police forces is very high, and they are stationed at all intersections. At Laleh Park(#14), 200-300 in full gear have been stationed.

Police vehicles, black vans, and vans equipped with cages are seen on the streets. This eyewitness also reports that the police forces are stationed at major squares, and plain cloth agents monitor the side streets and alleys where they pursue the people.

-Siavosh Jalili


۲۵ بهمن؛ لحظه به لحظه: گزارش‌هایی از درگیری در برخی نقاط تهران | رادیو زمانه |Radiozamaneh

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People determined to demonstrate despite brutal response by police forces Nearly 10 people arrested in peaceful protests

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  • 1. sobergirl05  |  February 14, 2011 at 11:28 am

    I will pray for the Iranian people. They have been repressed way too long. God Bless!

  • 2. Barbara Murphy-Bridge  |  February 15, 2011 at 6:51 pm

    The Egyptian Revolution succeeded because the Military stayed on the sidelines.
    I don’t know how the people are going to get around the brutal Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the thugs. Money talks but you’d need a lot of it to buy off top people who consider themselves ” guardians of the Islamic Revolution” .

    In 2009 there were only hundreds of thousands Iranians
    demonstrators out of Iran’s population of well over 60 million so The Green Path will have to be far more organized to elevate to a higher number. They need to find an angel to buy and then distribute gas masks , military rations to last weeks -Revolution is War- and as I said, the Guards are brutal and will not be sitting on the sidelines.

    Granted the demonstrator’s figures were not so high in Egypt in the beginning, but as the weeks ( note WEEKS NOT DAYS) went by they were joined by the average man/woman on the street who actually came to believe it was winnable .
    The fact Military did not get involved made the difference.
    In Iran they would have been slaughtered like sheep….hmmm
    ….that doesn’t sound like the Islam I’ve read about…..
    but certainly appears to be the reality in this year 1432 AH.

    ( Feb. 2011)



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