Mousavi’s Daughters Write of Parents House Arrest: “The House is Dark With No Sign of Life, Does Anyone Hear Our Cries of Pain?”

February 24th, 2011 – Without any news regarding their parents, Mousavi and Rahnavard’s children write a letter describing the pain and suffering they have endured over the past two weeks. In this letter, they explain that the last telephone conversation with their parents took place on the afternoon of February 14th, 2011 [25 Bahman 1389]. Since then, despite daily visits to Akhtar street where their parents live, in order to inquire about their well being, they have experience nothing but insults, aggressiveness, profanities and defiance.

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Report of Arrested Citizens during February 14th and February 20th Protests

Two Protesters on February 20th Arrested | Amirkabir University Faculty Member Abdollah Sadri Among February 14th Detainees | Azad University Student Farnaz Kamali Arrested on February 20th Protests | At least 50 Arrested in Shiraz during February 14th Protests | Tehran University Students Habib Farahzadi and Sohrab Jafari Arrested | Five Khajeh Nasir University Students Arrested | Four Students at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Detained | Alborz Almasi and Ayandeh Almasi Arrested | Mohammad Ali Malekian Detained and Seyed Ali Hossein-Doust Taleshani Sentenced | Singer and Composer Afshin Taheri Arrested | Director and Filmmaker Mehdi Sharifian Arrested During February 14th Protests | Student Activists Ali Yazdanpanah and Sara Bagheri Arrested | 16 People Arrested During Funeral Services for Saneh Jaleh at University of Art in Tehran | Continued Detention of 15 Students from Sharif University from February 14th Protests

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Opposition Leader Mehdi Karroubi’s Family Gives Explicit Warning to Security Forces

February 23, 2011 – Following the raid of Mehdi Karroubi’s residence by security forces two days ago, in which Mehdi Karroubi and his wife Fatemeh were locked in different rooms while their house was searched and books and documents were confiscated, the latest reports point to the fact that security agents are now deployed inside the building and have cleared the street. According to Saham News, as of this morning, intelligence agents have now transferred their vehicles and equipment inside their property and completely occupied the building. It is also being reported that as of 10 days ago, all necessities for Karroubi and his wife are being provided by security forces, a development of concern, given similar cases in the past in which physical elimination [of the individual] has been the direct objective.

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Brother of Martyr Mohammad Mokhtari: “It’s Painful, They Have Even Stolen My Brother’s Coffin”

JARAS — My brother loved freedom. He loved life. He was tired [of the actions of Iran government] and participated in Feb. 14th demonstration like many other youngsters just to say that he loved his country. Now neither myself, nor any of my family members, can believe that Mohammad is no longer with us. This is so cruel when we see that those who had no relation to my brother stole his coffin.

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Shiraz University Protests to Commemorate Fallen Classmate Turns Violent

February 22, 2011 — Today at 11:30am, Shiraz University students attended a rally at Pardis square, but university basij and security forces were mobilized and the scene turned violent. According to HRANA, there were over hundreds of students all calling for a reponse from the authorities of Shiraz University for Shiraz University student Hamed Nourmohammadi who lost his life.

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One Student Killed During Feb 20th Protests in Shiraz

Daneshjoo News — During the course of February 20th protests in Shiraz, one of Shiraz University’s students, Hamed Nourmohammadi, was killed by security forces.

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VIDEO | Protesters Arrested in Shiraz

People help release an arrested protester Shiraz –  February 20, 2011

Brutal arrest of a protester in Shiraz – February 20, 2011

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Gatherings increase as night approaches

Kaleme – Dispersed Gatherings in Tehran increasing as night approaches. Each minute gatherings are increasing in certain areas of Tehran, including Vali-Asr Street, Chahar Rah Parkway, Mirdamad and Hafte-Tir squares. According to Kaleme, on Mirdamad Street, military and plainclothes militia forces are clashing with protesters. At Hafte-Tir Square there are also clashes between protesters and anti-riot forces. Groups of people are moving toward the Seda O Sima television building. There is a heavy presence of security, anti-riot, military, and plainclothes forces across Tehran.

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VIDEO | Heavy security presence in Tehran

Basij militia on motorbikes patrol streets of Tehran

Heavy presence of Basij forces in Vali-e Asr, Tehran

Metal wall built around Mir Hossein Mousavi’s house

Presence of security forces in Tehran’s Enghelab Square

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General Strike in the City of Bookan

HRANA– Certain Kurdish areas of Kurdistan go on general strike on February 20, 2011.

Based on reports received by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), as much as 80 percent of shops have participated in a general strike in Bookan. There is a severe security atmosphere in the city.

Moreover, a group of youth in the city of Mehabad have organized a gathering at Esteqhlal square, chanting anti-regime slogans in spite a considerable presence of security forces in Mehabad.

It should be noted that people in the Kurdish areas had decided to form an all-out general strike on the occasion of the 7th day of mourning for the death of Saneh Jale, a Kurdish student of Art Academy in Tehran who was shot dead by security forces 25 Bahman demonstrations on Monday, February 14.

-Arash Azizi

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Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani Arrested | Reuters

Reuters – Iran arrested the daughter of former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani on Sunday for taking part in a banned opposition rally, the official IRNA news agency reported.

“Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani was identified and arrested by security forces in Tehran while … making blunt statements and chanting provocative slogans,” IRNA reported.

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Heavy presence of regime forces in the streets of Tehran, Kaleme reports

A number of plainclothes, Basij, police, and anti-riot forces in the streets of Tehran are estimated to be more than last week’s protest.

Kaleme reports that a few hundred security and military forces are present at Fatemi Square and Fatemi Street, shoulder to shoulder with each other, and they are not letting anybody gather. The north side of Fatemi Square is completely controlled by police and the south side of the street is dominated by plainclothes forces.

Kaleme reporters compared today’s atmosphere in Tehran with June 20, 2009. People from all ages, from teenagers to senior citizens, are countering oppressive forces.

Today a new group of Revolutionary Guards, with uniforms never seen before, are present in the streets of Tehran.

Security and police forces are aimleslly moving among people, sometimes checking people’s ID cards on Vali-Asr Street, around Motahari Street to Valiasr Square, Jomhouri Street and Vali-Asr crossroads.

The latest reports indicate that gatherings toward Enqelab and Jamalzadeh are forming.


– Arash Azizi

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One person shot dead by security forces

Daneshjoo News – According to an eyewitness, one person has been shot dead by security forces in Haft-e Tir Square (#7 on the map). Crowds of protesters have joined each other in Enghelab Square (#9 on the map).

Minutes after a gathering was formed in Haft-e Tir Square, security forces opened fire on the people.

According to Daneshjoo News, one protester has been killed in Haft-e Tir Square after being shot by security forces armed with hand guns. Additionally, several other protesters have been injured as a result of clashes on Haft-e Tir Square.

One of the eyewitnesses told Daneshjoo News, the injuries sustained by the person shot was so much that (s)he lost his/her life within minutes of being shot. Meanwhile, BBC has reported that an eyewitness has heard gunshots around Abbas Abad Street of Tehran.

Since this morning, special guard units and police forces accompanied by the Basij militia who are equipped with cold and live weapons. They are stationed in Tehran’s major squares to prevent the gathering of any protest gathering. However, in some parts of Tehran like Vali-Asr Square (#15 on the map), Haft-e Tir Square, Vanak Square (#21 on the map), and in front of Mellat Park (#22 on the map), people have gathered and chanted slogans against the regime.

Various Islamic Republic officials have warned in recent days that any gathering will be dealt with harshly. Fars News Agency published a news article this morning announcing that people will be killed by the Islamic Republic’s opposition. Despite all these, numerous reports from various cities like Isfahan, Shiraz, Mahabad, Sanandaj, Rasht, etc. indicate protesters have showed up and held rallies.

In Tehran, reports indicate that clashes have erupted in Enghelab Square between people and security forces. There are also reports of a large crowd gathered around Vanak Square and Mellat Park.

BBC reported an hour ago that the Green protesters were moving along Keshavarz Blvd (#18 on the map) toward Vali-Asr Square (#15 on the map) while chanting slogans. Other reports stated that anti-riot police forces have fired tear gas into the crowd at Vali-Asr Square.

Eyewitnesses report that around Park Way Square some of the protesters chanted slogans against Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran. There has been also protest gatherings on Sohrevardi St. and Vali-Asr Street. Latest reports indicate the protesting crowds have been able to join together. The crowd is growing in numbers.


Google Map

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Severe clashes in Mirdamad streets

Deutsche Welle– Based on an eyewitness report, security forces and plainclothes militia clash with protesters in Mirdamad street. Gun shots are occasionally heard.

According to eyewitness reports, all streets leading to Azadi, Enqhelab and Vali-Asr are controlled by security forces on foot and motorcycles.

-Arash Azizi

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Severe clashes between people and security forces in Rasht

Jaras: Severe clashes between protesters and security and plainclothes forces have been reported on Motahari Street in the city of Rasht.

Some eyewitnesses in Rasht have estimated today’s protesters to be more than last Monday’s demonstrations. The eyewitnesses also spoke of the high number of Basiji, security, and police forces in the city who have attempted to disperse the crowds with threats and intimidation.

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Sporadic demonstrations under tight security measures

Radio France Internationale (RFI)- While receiving accurate news from Iranian cities has become very difficult, various reports indicate sporadic rallies have been held in Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mahabad, and several other cities. The heavy presence of anti-riot forces has been reported from downtown Tehran. It is reported that some clashes occurred until 4:00pm Tehran time.
RFI has reminded its readers that foreign media representatives are not allowed to be present at demonstrations.

Around 4:00pm Tehran time, eyewitnesses in Vali-Asr Square and Keshavar Blvd reported crowds have gathered and tear gas was fired.

The Saham News website, which has ties to Mehdi Karroubi, reported on the growing number of protesters in Isfahan. It wrote, “Many of the protesters have gathered in groups of a few dozens and sporadically chanted slogans”. Saham News also reported that “around Vanak Square and Mellat Park in Tehran, a large crowd of protesters have gathered. Plainclothes forces on motorcycles are maneuvering around Vanak Square and chanting slogans like “Hezbollah Mashallah”.

Reports of sporadic protests in the cities of Mahabad and Shiraz

Based on various reports, it seems Vali-Asr square is the busiest location in Tehran. Some of the opposition websites claim “anti-riot forces have pulled back to side streets from Vali-Asr Square”, and that the square “has fallen into the hands of the people”.

It must be emphasized that none of these reports are 100% reliable and they cannot be verified with certainty.

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Security Forces Shut Passages, People Trapped

Iran Press News – Many people are trapped inside the passages as security forces shut the doors.

Security forces have raided the passages around Vali-e Asr Square (#15 on the map) including Iranian, Vali-e Asr and Reza. The passages have been shut down. People are imprisoned as a result.

Google Map

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Reports on rallies in Shiraz, Esfahan, and Tabriz | VIDEO

Shiraz- People have held protests on Mullah Sadra Street. At the moment, large crowd has gathered. Clashes have erupted between people and plainclothes officers.

Shiraz protesters running away form security forces | February 20, 2011

Esfahan- Large crowd has gathered in Enghelab Square. Basidj forces, which appear to have been caught by surprise by the size of the crowd have a relatively smaller presence. Some students are chanting slogans.

Tabriz- People have gathered in Abresan, but the police does not allow protesters to stop and form a rally. Most of those present at Abresan are students.

There has also been [unconfirmed] reports of explosions in Arbesan.

People have also gathered at Saat Square of Tabriz.

-Siavosh Jalili

گزارشي از تجمع مردم در شیراز، اصفهان و تبریز

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Clashes reported in Mahabad (Iran Kurdistan)

According to Iran Press News, large crowds have taken over Esteghlal Square and the surrounding areas in the city of Mahabad. Armed forces are unable to control the crowds.


People are chanting slogans, throwing rocks at the security forces, and charging toward them. The flames of fire can be seen from far.

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Sporadic rallies have started in some parts of Tehran

Saham News- Based on eyewitness news reports, gatherings have started in some parts of Tehran. There is a strong presence of anti-riot guards in the main squares.


Between Enghelab and Vali-e Asr Square (#4 to 9 on the map), Haft-e Tir Square(#7 on the map), and on Sohrevardi Street(#20 on the map), crowds have gathered and they are chanting slogans like “Allah-o Akbar” (God is Great).


Armed forces and anti-riot guards on dozens of motorbikes have shut down Vali-e Asr Square (#15 on the map). There are also reports of a gathering near Jam-e Jam and people are chanting Allah-o Akbar.


Google Map

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