Mousavi’s Daughters Write of Parents House Arrest: “The House is Dark With No Sign of Life, Does Anyone Hear Our Cries of Pain?”

February 24th, 2011 – Without any news regarding their parents, Mousavi and Rahnavard’s children write a letter describing the pain and suffering they have endured over the past two weeks. In this letter, they explain that the last telephone conversation with their parents took place on the afternoon of February 14th, 2011 [25 Bahman 1389]. Since then, despite daily visits to Akhtar street where their parents live, in order to inquire about their well being, they have experience nothing but insults, aggressiveness, profanities and defiance.

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Report of Arrested Citizens during February 14th and February 20th Protests

Two Protesters on February 20th Arrested | Amirkabir University Faculty Member Abdollah Sadri Among February 14th Detainees | Azad University Student Farnaz Kamali Arrested on February 20th Protests | At least 50 Arrested in Shiraz during February 14th Protests | Tehran University Students Habib Farahzadi and Sohrab Jafari Arrested | Five Khajeh Nasir University Students Arrested | Four Students at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Detained | Alborz Almasi and Ayandeh Almasi Arrested | Mohammad Ali Malekian Detained and Seyed Ali Hossein-Doust Taleshani Sentenced | Singer and Composer Afshin Taheri Arrested | Director and Filmmaker Mehdi Sharifian Arrested During February 14th Protests | Student Activists Ali Yazdanpanah and Sara Bagheri Arrested | 16 People Arrested During Funeral Services for Saneh Jaleh at University of Art in Tehran | Continued Detention of 15 Students from Sharif University from February 14th Protests

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Opposition Leader Mehdi Karroubi’s Family Gives Explicit Warning to Security Forces

February 23, 2011 – Following the raid of Mehdi Karroubi’s residence by security forces two days ago, in which Mehdi Karroubi and his wife Fatemeh were locked in different rooms while their house was searched and books and documents were confiscated, the latest reports point to the fact that security agents are now deployed inside the building and have cleared the street. According to Saham News, as of this morning, intelligence agents have now transferred their vehicles and equipment inside their property and completely occupied the building. It is also being reported that as of 10 days ago, all necessities for Karroubi and his wife are being provided by security forces, a development of concern, given similar cases in the past in which physical elimination [of the individual] has been the direct objective.

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Brother of Martyr Mohammad Mokhtari: “It’s Painful, They Have Even Stolen My Brother’s Coffin”

JARAS — My brother loved freedom. He loved life. He was tired [of the actions of Iran government] and participated in Feb. 14th demonstration like many other youngsters just to say that he loved his country. Now neither myself, nor any of my family members, can believe that Mohammad is no longer with us. This is so cruel when we see that those who had no relation to my brother stole his coffin.

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Shiraz University Protests to Commemorate Fallen Classmate Turns Violent

February 22, 2011 — Today at 11:30am, Shiraz University students attended a rally at Pardis square, but university basij and security forces were mobilized and the scene turned violent. According to HRANA, there were over hundreds of students all calling for a reponse from the authorities of Shiraz University for Shiraz University student Hamed Nourmohammadi who lost his life.

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One Student Killed During Feb 20th Protests in Shiraz

Daneshjoo News — During the course of February 20th protests in Shiraz, one of Shiraz University’s students, Hamed Nourmohammadi, was killed by security forces.

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VIDEO | Protesters Arrested in Shiraz

People help release an arrested protester Shiraz –  February 20, 2011

Brutal arrest of a protester in Shiraz – February 20, 2011

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